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Tax & Accounting

We specialize in business accounting and taxes and provide back office support for business owners. These services include:

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is necessary throughout the year and is a fundamental component in overall financial security. In addition to preparing your personal income tax return, Midstate Financial Group provides strategic solutions that reduce tax burdens and develop tax management plans using the most current incentives available to individuals nationwide.

IRS Audits

As a consequence of an IRS audit, businesses and individuals risk overpayment for tax liabilities due to improper representation. Through our association with skilled tax specialists, Midstate Financial Group can provide the qualified expertise for individuals or businesses confronted with an IRS tax review.


Handling all of your accounting duties, from invoices to collections to payroll, can prevent you from working on your business and create serious frustration.

With Midstate Financial Group, we can handle your entire office accounting so you can do what you do best. Whether you need accounts receivable and payable, or you need someone to manage collections, our firm can do just that. If you are a business owner, you will especially find great use in this service so you can focus on your job, not your billing. 

Payroll and Bookkeeping

Our Bookkeeping services entails systemized records of all business transactions, accounts payables and receivables, bank reconciliations and standard monthly financial reports. In addition to offering comprehensive payroll management services, Midstate Financial Group provides representation and guidance to help businesses restructure and resolve payroll tax problems that can threaten economic survival if left unresolved.

Our Payroll services ensures that employees are paid on time. We provide a full menu of employee benefits and take ownership of all your withholding responsibilities.